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  Hugo Scibetta
23/09/2013 - 15/10/2013

Domain Gallery is pleased to present Draped,
a solo exhibition by french artist Hugo Scibetta curated by Manuel Fernández.

Hugo Scibetta's work reinterpret and reconstruct the information and images ingested through the prism of the screen. From these attempts derive various forms, which are an experiment of composition and confrontation between volatile datas and tangible materials.

The "Draped" series is an evolving and ongoing project.
It is the result of a texturing test on 3D forms through a process
of drape.

The generated images are the finding of a kind of frustration, that of a time spent searching, trying, for a disappointing render.

The aesthetics of failure is then proposed as a new definition of "Beauty", in which the technical flaw becomes harmonic.

Hugo Scibetta (1991) lives and works in Grenoble, FR.

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