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Anthony Antonellis. Public Domain

  Emilie Gervais
18/02/2013 - 15/03/2013

Domain Gallery is pleased to present Hi, a solo exhibition by french artist Emilie Gervais curated by Manuel Fernández.

Emilie Gervais is a starry background artist working with the internet. Deleting & restoring stuff. Interacting with stuff & people. My work focuses on languages, play and network culture. Right now, I'm studying the evolution of game controllers & I am Rosalind Krauss.

About Hi:

Hi is about the location bar of web browsers. Its urls are the piece. Everything else is add-ons to have users generating more ideas out of it. Hi! I made this after gazing into Olia Lialina's Location="Yes" I. They have a relationship together. 

Emilie Gervais
lives and works in Aix. France

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