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Jimpunk/reCAPCHAT   Eduardo Imasaka
Autonomic Drawing Performance
19/06/2012 - 15/07/2012

Domain Gallery is pleased to present Autonomic Drawing Performance, a solo exhibition by argentinian artist Eduardo Imasaka curated by Manuel Fernández.

Imasaka generates performances through robotic technology to create pieces of art since 2005.

Autonomic Drawing Performance is part of a proposal of different exercises that explores the development of a drawing made by a robot.

During each experiment a drawing will be made exploring the signals of present Wireless, WIFI and Bluetooth devices. This process takes place according to variables taken from the robot's immediate surroundings.

The variables are then evaluated by a computer application and interpreted by various electronic devices imitating a hand drawing.

Finally the statistical output from sensors and other numeric data are been monitored in a virtual landscape which is projected above the drawing.

Eduardo Imasaka
lives and works in Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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